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Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil - 60 Capsules

Price: $23 - plus $9 shipping per order






Black Seed Oil - 250mls

Price: $33 - shipping $9 per order







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About Black Seed
For many centuries, the Black Seed of the Nigella Sativa plant has been revered as a medicine and an invaluable product in the maintenance of health and well-being. Studies conducted across universities and research facilities across the world are providing mounting evidence as to why the Black Seed and its oil are an invaluable supplement to health and well being.

A recent study conducted by an Australian university shows that our globally unique Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil has up to 20 times more antioxidants than the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils. In addition to this, our Black Seed Oil contains an array of vitamins, minerals and a high concentration of essential fatty acids. It is thought the combination of these and many other components combine to work in a unique synergy and give Black Seed Oil the power behind its tremendous potency and unique function.

Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil and Capsules:
- Support a healthy immune system
- Assists the body in its own natural healing processes by working directly with the immune system
- Supports and maintains healthy skin.
- Assist in the management of allergies
Is a premier source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and enzymes.
Is known to possess tremendous Antioxidant capacity
- Has featured in over 800 scientific studies in the fields of gastroenterology, immunology, respiratory health, and blood sugar management

The tremendous potency of the Black Seed can be attributed to its composition of over 100 different naturally occurring constituents. Many of these components, such as Thymoquinone and Nigellone are unique to Black Seed Oil. These constituents have been found to possess excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant power.

Hab Shifa Black Seed products are:
Proudly Australian made and owned: All Hab Shifa products are manufactured and packaged in Australia
- Contain the most potent Black Seeds available
Included in the- Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods- AustL 168980 and 169872
- Are produced by using the cold-pressed method.
- Only contain fresh, 100% pure black seed oil- and nothing else!


For over 3000 years, the Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) has been traditionally used as a natural remedy for several diseases and ailments. The protective and healing properties of the Black Seed are so remarkably comprehensive and varied that for thousands of years people have regarded it as a miracle cure. Black seed was even found in the tomb of Pharoah Tutankhamen!

The miraculous natural formula of Nigella Sativa has seen many scientists endorse this amazing healing plant as one of the safest and effective plant extracts for human consumption.

The Black Seed and its oil has a rich and extensive pedigree of use, spanning across civilisations and centuries.


Health Benefits
Traditionally, Black Seed has been used for a variety of conditions and treatments. related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal complaints, kidney & liver support, circulatory and immune system support, and to improve general health. Black Seed oil has been used topically for different skin conditions, dryness, joint and scalp massage

Antioxidants, such as those found in Black Seed Oil, play an essential role in the body as they scavenge for and neutralise free radicals. This limits the cellular damage they can cause and ultimately assists to maintain the health of tissues and organs. Laboratory studies indicate that Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil has more than double the antioxidant capacity of superfoods like blueberries and pomegranates and more than triple that of goji berries.

Immune support
The chemical composition of the black seed is unique and diverse. The Black Seed contains over 100 valuable nutrients working together in perfect synergy. The most researched active components are Thymoquinone, Nigellone and Fixed Oils. It also contains a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Research suggests that Black Seed Oil supports the functioning of the immune system and has antihistamine-like effects and therefore may aid the management of allergic conditions such as hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and atopic (allergic) eczema.

Black Seed Oil also supports the health of the skin, liver and cardiovascular systems and may help healthy people maintain normal, healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

It may aid the treatment of fluid retention, relieve gastritis symptoms, and help reduce the severity of colds, flu and other mild upper respiratory tract infections6.

Thymoquinone (TQ) has not been found anywhere else in nature except for the Black Seed. TQ has been extensively studied around the world for its role in assisting to alleviate a range of health conditions found in the modern world.

Research suggests that TQ may be responsible for Black Seeds protective effects on the liver, mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system.

Black Seed herb contains over naturally-occurring 100 constituents (many of which still remain to be discovered).

It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and contains about 35% oil, 21% protein, and 38% carbohydrates. More than 50% of the oil are essential fatty acids. Its linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid content help form Prostaglandin E1, which helps the body to inhibit infections, balances the immune system, and regulates allergic reactions. Gamma-linolenic acid also helps stabilize the cell membrane. Black Seed also contains about .5-1.5% volatile oils including Nigellone and Thymoquinone which have been researched for anti-histamine, anti-oxidant, anti-infective, and broncho-dilating effects.


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