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Early diagnosis and high quality professional dental and eye-care are extremely important. Many symptoms and problems of Sjögren's Syndrome can be treated with over-the-counter medications.

And there are non-medication strategies for dealing with the various symptoms of Sjögren's Syndrome including use of a humidifier and protective gear such as goggles. Often, patients learn the most from one another in support groups. The feeling of isolation, of not knowing another person with Sjögren's, can be overcome easily.

The over the counter (OTC) products include preservative-free artificial tears, artificial saliva's, unscented skin lotions, saline nasal sprays, vaginal lubricants. The Australian Sjögren's Syndrome Association maintains an updated list of these products. In Australia, there are many prescription products that alleviate dry-eyes, but none for dry-mouth except for over the counter medications including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSA steroids and immunosuppressive drugs).

* If using artificial tears four or more times a day, use preservative-free.
* Use preservative-free ointments at bed-time for longer relief from dry-eye.
* Drink frequent sips of water to keep mouth moist.
* Maintain scrupulous oral hygiene, brushing and flossing regularly.
* Restrict intake of sugar to help prevent rampant dental decay
* Schedule regular and frequent dental visits.
* Chew sugarless gum to stimulate saliva production.
* Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages as they increase oral dryness.
* Use a humidifier or vaporiser to maintain a comfortable level of air moisture indoors.
* Avoid drafts from air conditioners, fans and radiators.
* Wear protective eye-wear to avoid exposure to the wind or sun.
* Use moisturising lotions for dry skin and saline sprays for dry nose.

Quantum Health Clinic

The Quantum Health Clinic is focused on providing 21st century's latest Bio-modulation Technology from Germany, delivering high-quality Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) therapies. Click the banner to find out more...


Before I Started Laser Treatments
Things were looking very grim, before I started treatments with Robbie Stimpson, as I have a condition called 3rd stage Sjogren’s Syndrome which includes Sjogren’s Neuropathy, this had been a progressive condition 1st stage Sjogren’s Syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disorder in which the body immune system mistakenly attacks its own moisture producing glands, lymphocytes a type of white blood cell infiltrate and destroy these glands causing no saliva or tears, in other words dry eyes and dry mouth.

2nd Stage Sjogren’s includes associated diseases and I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, lupus, Scleroderma Vacuities of the legs, Raynauds disease, Blethrospasm, 3rd stage Sjögren’s, which is Sjögren’s peripheral neuropathy, it affects all the peripheral nerves system the sensory and motor nerves, these are the ones that open and close my hands eyes. I also suffered from numbness of the extremities and sensations such as burning tingling electric shocks and aching pain. I also had weakness in the feet ankles hands and wrists, constant constipation and cramps in the lower abdominal pancreatic region. I had trouble walking normally as I had lost my balance and suffered from sleep deprivation due to continually drinking and using eye drops and going to the toilet. I had respiratory problems tested at 65% breathing capacity.

I needed a full time carer to cope with all my everyday duties, I was using a walker and could not walk outside unaided, I was so affected with joint distortion I could not cook or do almost any ordinary daily tasks, I was quite depressed and struggled with being continually tired, aching muscles and joints, difficulty concentrating, (brain fog). I had terribly weak teeth with pieces breaking off and I had to have them periodically reconstructed but they were getting continually worse.

Started Therapeutic Laser Treatments 6.10.09
I started treatments and found that for the first 8 to 10 weeks I was very tired and my cells were jumping and at various times this was very painful, this was while the cells were being rejuvenated. Other symptoms that I had to cope with after most treatments were extreme fatigue (so tired and stiff couldn’t move for up to 3 days) my limbs felt heavy, I experienced hot flushes on and off and had pin pricks everywhere. Sometimes my whole body was shaking like I had the DT’s with my mind feeling disorientated and my brain felt like it had a flat spot as messages to my arms etc wouldn’t work properly, I would have to use my other arm to correct the movement by lifting my leg or arm to the position I wanted, sometimes my head felt like it was not connected to my body.

My teeth and jaw throbbed and ached, and I usually returned from a treatment with bad headaches behind my eyes and needed to rest until it passed, my eyes also felt gritty and had increased sensitivity to light even watching TV was difficult. The day after I would be still feeling flat with headaches difficulty breathing, and nausea, sometimes I could not distinguish if I felt sick or hungry, but this would subside after having a dose of Nuferm 2012 nutrient powder. I had no energy not even enough to get myself something to eat, every time I moved everything was cracking and jumping, my hands and my feet were hot and I had to continually rest. I also had problems with bladder infections like the rejuvenation process had woken up all the dormant bacteria in my system, and I suffered with abscesses in my teeth each time he worked on my salivary glands once again it was as if the bacteria lay dormant in my glands and came out after Laser. Some of these problems could have been related to my previous condition as well.

Robbie also prescribed nutritional supplements to feed my cells for regeneration, and enzymes to boost my digestion. I also found that my body wouldn’t accept my normal diet so I had to adjust my diet through trial and error to find what worked and didn’t make me feel sick, it seemed that if I eat anything that had no nutrition in it that was when I felt sick, I got to a stage where I would only have to put my hand on the food and I would feel sick, it seemed to be better if I ate everything gluten free or organic even chicken and meat, my body was rejecting the hormones that was feed to the chicken and the meat. However the Betaine and Enzyme tablets that Robbie gave me did allow the food to be digested properly these were taken in the middle of a meal, I felt that my cells were desperate for whole food nutrition so I used FermPlus Probiotic Wholefoods everyday which helped a lot.

My continued recovery
I was about two months into this process when I discovered I could do things I couldn’t do before like walk to the car without someone keeping my walker balanced. I can now put my own seat belt on and take a few steps without the walker in the house, swallowing became easier, and breaks between trips to the toilet became longer which results in less sleep deprivation. My strength was improved especially after treatment as I could now walk back to the car with only 1 assistant instead of 2.

A marked improvement in my posture was evident as I could stand straighter and my hands were getting straighter, I was now able to use any pen or pencil without it being thick and I was able to get lids off bottles and jars, this has been amazing. My muscles seemed to be much stronger because it was now easier to walk up steps.
Since starting on the super foods on Friday 4th December my constipation has improved nearly back to normal and no more cramping (yah). Around 4 months along I also found my skin was no longer so dry and I didn’t need to use moisturizer every day like I did before. My saliva glands are now producing bursts of saliva during the night every now and then, which has helped greatly, much less need to drink water at night. My eyesight has also improved my optometrist has tested me and was amazed at the improvement my long distance and reading eyesight is better and the surface of the eyes are no longer pitted and cracked.

The improvement has continued even more, as at 5 months along I now feel that I have turned a corner with my walking: marked improvement in balance and strength as I can now walk around the house, and walk into a shop and out again with my walker unaided by an assistant, this I could not do before.

I can now cook a meal when needed, my sensory nerves are now back in my fingers, I can feel hot and cold, even pain if I injure myself, and distinguish texture this reopened the world of my senses. I have muscle tone in my legs and arms that wasn’t there before, my hearing is sharper, and my eyesight is sharper. I have much better taste and smell, and I don’t need so much gravy and other moisture on my food as I can now swallow much better. My gums have stopped bleeding and receding, I have fewer cavities and much stronger teeth. I even had 7 porcelain crowns added recently and my teeth did not crumble or break while this was being done, previously this would be a big struggle trying to keep my teeth together during the process.

Although some of this process was difficult, it has been well worth the effort with more and more mobility coming back. I would highly recommend this type of treatment for anyone especially those suffering from Sjögren’s Syndrome or any other type of chronic illness.

I am looking forward to even better mobility in the future, driving my car walking my dog and generally getting my life back, I owe all this to therapeutic laser therapy, thanks to Robbie, my life is looking up.

Unfortunately, after a 20 year struggle with Sjogren's and associated diseases, the founder of TASSA Bev Norton passed-away in January 2021 with kidney failure. She had been on dialysis for a year but this finally failed.

Please join our Facebook Group which now has a community of around 1,000 patients and carers. You can search the group posts with your keywords and questions and then post your specific questions to the Group if you need.

There are new directions coming for TASSA in the new financial year. Stay tuned.

TASSA Admin.

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